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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Crown of Blood Trilogy Competition

Great news for the blog today everyone. 

A very special competition.

The prize is an amazing signed set of the 'Crown of Blood' Trilogy by Gav Thorpe. Yes Gav has been kind enough to send a us a signed set to give away here on the blog! Not going to lie I'm pretty awe struck right now (bit of a geek-mance hahaha).

The set contains: 

The books will all be specially signed by him and is unique chance to get some of his work. As far as the comp goes I am going to keep things simple. 

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win these is:
1) Be a follower of this blog.
2) Drop a comment below.

That was simple wasn't it?
Now for the twist, there will be bonus entries made if you complete any of the following.
1) Your a Badab Blogger (these guys make my blog so they deserve it).
2) You like and then comment on the facebook page (be sure to tell me blogging name if it's different).
3) If you twitter me  @Fallen_Princes
4) Advertise it on your blog (link in comments)
Now you only get bonus points if you have completed the first two points. So in practice each person can enter up to 5 times!

So what are you waiting for get involved and enter already. :)

Be sure to go to Gav's blog The Mechanical Hamster.

ps. now sitting waiting to receive books :D


  1. Where's the follow button!?!? ARRRRGH!!

  2. I hate twitter but love prizes... Hmmmm

    1. Well you entered here and facebook and your a Badab Blogger so that's 3 entries!

  3. Are these WFB books, or generic fantasy?

    1. Was this your way of entering the comp or just a question?

  4. Sweet! And you have every right to be awestruck, it is a massive kudos to TFP to get this sort of recognition.

    1. Very true. And I still am :) Thanks for entering.

  5. I want these. I haven't been around much lately, I was suffering from the 40K burnout. I'm trying to work on some 40K stuff but all I managed was to paint some teal on a noise marine:P Anyway I was going through the backlog of TFP and seen this. I'm big Gav Thorpe fan so I would like to have a chance at them.

    1. Well your in with a chance now! Be sure to attempt the other bonus entries for more chances to win.